Posted by Jonathan Perron-Clow

Your Energy Future Fellow’s company makes XPRIZE finals

Your Energy Future Fellow Apoorv Sinha has big news. His company, Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT), has been named as a finalist for the $20M Carbon XPRIZE, a competition aimed at developing breakthrough technologies that will benefit humanity and turn CO2 from the world’s greatest problem to its best solution.

“This is a question that weighs heavily on us Albertans as our oil and gas industry undergoes a massive transition,” says YEF Fellow and CUT President Apoorv Sinha. “The reason we entered the Carbon XPRIZE (and in fact the reason we created CUT) is because we believe carbon is greatly undervalued as a resource. We’re grateful to the Alberta cleantech ecosystem for supporting us on this journey to converting carbon into something useful for humanity.”

“With the support of organizations like Emissions Reduction Alberta, Shell and the University of Calgary, we were able to create our product: a process that combines CO2 emissions with solid feedstock to create performance-enhancing nanoparticles. We’ve added these nanoparticles to concrete, plastic and even batteries to make them stronger and longer lasting.”

The Your Energy Future and Public Policy Forum team congratulates Apoorv and his team on reaching this important step.

Read the full announcement from CUT.



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